lunedì 6 marzo 2017

Good morning everybody!
This is our first day in Apeldoorn. We arrived last night at midnight!

The hotel is confortable and we are now heading towards the school

The area where the school is located is a truly beautiful residential area with pretty houses and gardens, The town is surrounded by a forest with pines and beech trees. Absolutely magnificent!

This morning we arrived at the school at a quarter to nine, quite a long walk from the hotel. Carel came to meet us and introduced us to the headmistress. The school is a very elegant period building

This morning we told Carel about our interests and he took notes so as to start planning something for us.
Today we  attended two lessons. One was English and Mass Communication, the teacher was Anneka and the class was composed of 21 students aged 16-17. This particular class is  the bilingual course and their curriculum is by 60% held in English. The lesson focussed on Martin Luther King's famous speech "I have a dream".  It is still very modern and in the USA the themes are still quite an issue.
  The title of the lesson was: Rethorical devices to be found in this MLK's impressive speech:  Allusion, Anaphora, Personification, Sinnedoche

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